Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So Excited to See our Cousins!

My brother came to see me last night! Yay! It was soooo nice to see his family. They live way too far away! We were supposed to get together sooner, but various colds ruined our plans.

Their puppy dog seemed so natural in my house, I kept forgetting she was there. (Usually I freak out about pets being inside)

Here's Strong Bear giving his Uncle Juice a hug. We chatted, watched the kids play, and listened to the Hunting of the Snark.

Delightful Finch and Pirate look enough alike to pass as siblings...but they're cousins :)

Angel playing with the Professor. Pirate and Professor were much better at asserting rights to toys than Angel. Several times she had to be rescued from the much older (er...about 2 months older) boys.

I only managed to capture one picture of my twins' twin cousins together. And, yes, I can tell the boys apart - yay :)
My kids had a blast playing with Butterfly (who's just older than Strong Bear), too...but she was feeling camera shy...so no pictures. You'll have to take my word for it - she's 100% adorable :)

Thanks for coming - was fun to see you all :)

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Amy said...

Aww, I keep hoping that one of these times when Juice comes out to visit, he'll give me a call and come visit us too. Isn't an adopted little brother supposed to come visit sometimes? I think I gave him a kiss on my 18th birthday, though it was on the forehead and he was sleeping in the car at the time. . .


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