Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seraph Hanging out in the PICU

When I get sick, my body manages to fight off the sickness *and* continue to function. When Seraph gets really sick, she throws EVERYTHING into fighting off the sickness....and her body doesn't function well. She is NOT breathing on her own...or regulating her own temperature or keeping her blood pressure up. All of the things we do without thinking, her body is ignoring them to fight off whatever is attacking her.

So, the doctors are optimizing her body functions so she can fight off whatever is attacking her. Then she'll slowly take over the normal body stuff again. I know this doesn't seem like news, but it's all I have to offer right now.

She's sedated and bloated - they're trying to re-balance her intakes and outputs.

All very boring doctor stuff. She's been in the hospital for 3 weeks. I'm guessing she'll stay in the hospital for 2-3 more weeks.

The twins' first birthday is Sunday :) We'll have to do something fun for it.....


Anonymous said...

I wish Seraph could be home for her 1st birthday! Hoping for a speedy recovery and strength for you to endure another hurdle!
Claudia (from the momo board)

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! We wish they lived closer. Cousins are so much fun.
Our prayers are with Seraph. Gma


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