Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Seraph's GI Surgeries done!!

Here's Seraph at 5am in the waiting room. Usually her trips to the hospital only have one parent. She was thrilled to have both of us with her.The early hour didn't bother her one bit.

Note the redness on her cheeks. That's from repeated retaping of her NJ Tube. That cheek will heal up soon. The NJ also gives her a huge gag reflex. It bothers her nose, and she feels better after she pulls it out.

Seraph had HUGE smiles for her daddy. OK, she always has huge smiles for her dad. It's hard to be jealous when I get to see her being soooooo sooooo happy.

Mommy got big smiles, too. Seraph loves playing with my hair.

More huge smiles for Daddy. Huge smiles for all the nurses, too - even while they were checking her blood pressure.

Not so happy when they placed her IV. ...but a few minutes with her dad and she was happy again.

They were NOT able to do the surgery laprascopically. The pressures in her heart were too high. So, they made an incision just below the scar from her heart surgery. They expected the surgery to take 3 hours. It took 5 hours. We took turns trying to sleep in sleep-resistant chairs. Next time we're going to sneak up to the couches by the piano for naps.

Part way thru, we jumped up and donated to a blood drive. They had free grape juice after!! I hadn't given blood since college. I got up too soon after and got dizzy. I had to lay on the floor with my feet up listening to cool stories about wolf attacks. Anyway....

Seraph's surgery went well. Her NJ tube is gone for good. Her reflux should be gone, too.

Now comes the tricky part - getting off the vent. They had to intubate her for the surgery. They kept her sedated over night. Today they're easing off her sedation so she can start to breath a bit on her own and get rid of extra fluids around her lungs. Her lungs are very wet today.

Seraph has always been slow coming off the vent. Please keep her in your prayers.


Christina said...

Glad things are going well so far. Hopefully the transition off the vent will go smoothly. Let us know if you need anything!

Hugs & Prayers,
Christina from IHH
Jacob's Momma

Jessica said...

Yea! I hope she's better and home soon.

Yeah, I'm sure Heavenly Father understands when I slip and pray for her by her blog name instead of her real name. I can't be the first person to do it:)

RainSplats said...

lol - cute :)

Amy said...

So good to hear that her surgery went well! So maybe they didn't do the sedated echo due to the non-laproscopic gastro surgery?

K & T's baby DM (I'm told her nickname is Orange Blossom) is also taking a while getting off the vent. It's a two for one at the hospital. I hope both babies will be breathing on their own soon and get to go home to their loving parents. Huge Hugs!

Patty and Kevin said...

Lots of prayers coming your way!

Safire said...

Lots of prayers coming!! We can't wait to see you guys. :)

jenfarmgirl said...

Will do! Thanks for the pictures. She has a great smile.

cheyney webb said...

It will be so much nicer to have a G-tube. She is always in our prayers. Fun to see her smiles at her daddy and mommy.

Mamalissa said...

That girl is one tough cookie. If she only understood that she could come home sooner, I'm sure she would be off the vent ASAP. :) It probably doesn't feel like home without her- hopefully you are all together soon.


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