Friday, April 24, 2009

Table Toy

This musical table was a Christmas present for Seraph & Angel.  At the time, they were too little to use it.  (Seraph wasn't even home!).  Strong Bear and Delightful finch LOVE it.

They're so used to playing with it, some days they have a hard time sharing it....with Angel or even with each other.  Sometimes the musical table has to go in "time out" (under the kitchen table) because they wouldn't share.  

Normally the kids run off and play something else.  Angel spied it under the table.  She willed herself to stand just right so she could reach through and make the music play.  She bends her knees and "jumps" up and down while the music is playing.


jenfarmgirl said...

What a motivated little chick!

Safire said...

Hehe...cute cute!


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