Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gamer Girl

Beautiful Rabbit and I like to read books together.  I usually read mystery/suspense, but she's getting me into YA fiction.  We read a book last weekend, trading off every other chapter.  Half way through, Haqon decided he wanted in on the story and read fast to catch up.  I struggled towards the end of the book with only reading one chapter.  The last few, Rabbit sat  next to me so we could read them at the same time.

The book referenced some games Haqon and I played together when Rabbit was a baby.  It was a fun read.  Funner to read it with Rabbit.  She was amazed that she read a whole book in 2 days.  ...hmmm...sounds like something I would do ;)

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Safire said...

I'm so glad she is loving reading! We love it here too. What book were you reading? And if you need some suggestions, I've read a TON of YA fiction.


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