Sunday, April 26, 2009

A New Tooth!!

Angel & Seraph's cold is all but gone.  They're both doing much better.  Seraph's oxygen is still on 1.25 L (.5-.75L is normal), but we expect that to come down soon.

Seraph has a new tooth!  I'm crazy happy about it.  When Angel's first teeth came in, the doctors told me that Seraph's teeth weren't coming in because her body was soooo busy taking care of healing her that it had nothing left over for building teeth. Seraph ended up getting her 2 bottom teeth 2 months after Angel got hers.

I'm not worried about Angel - she's busy crawling everywhere and trying to figure out the walking thing.  She spends her calories like crazy!

I am dancing happy for Seraph getting her first top tooth.  She loves feeling her teeth.  Her oral aversions have gone way, way down since she got teeth.  I'm so happy for her :) 

Ya & Hoo!


The Vigh Household said...

Awesome! Watch your fingers now mamma!

Safire said...

Yay!! We are all so happy too!

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