Friday, April 3, 2009

Physical Therapy

Seraph was a riot today.  She let us know that she is not a stuffed animal.  She has her own ideas about where she wants to move her body.  Each time the therapist tried to encourage her into a position, she'd strongly push the other way.  She babbled the whole time, too.

When I blow her kisses, she sucks on her tongue to make a kissing sound.  She likes to snuggle with her papa.  Her skin used to be really dry.  Thanks to coconut oil, it's getting smoother all the time.  She's sitting up better.

We're losing Seraph's home nurse.  For weeks, the nurse has been hinting that she won't be able to keep coming because Seraph doesn't have enough problems.  It's finally happened.  We can still call her if we have problems.  (Like a missing NJ tube!) ...but she's stopping her weekly visits.

The physical therapist will keep seeing her once a week.

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jenfarmgirl said...

She's adorable. I'm glad she's being spunky too!


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