Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beautiful Rabbit's Toy

Hoping it was worth the expense.....9 years ago, we bought this toy saucer ("the toy") for Beautiful Rabbit.  Barely 3 months old, she held her head up well enough but didn't have much control over her hands yet.  Rabbit loved the toy.  She especially loved staring at the shiney butterfly.

All of our kids have played in it (and one of our fun cousins).

Seraph loves the butterfly, too.  She's getting better with her hands and likes to grab at all the toys.

Angel bounces up and down in it as if it's a long as no one is watching her.  If she see you watching, she stops and beams a HUGE smile at you.  Then bounces more once you look away.

1 comment:

Safire said...

Hey I remember this! Looks like your girls are getting some good use out of it. :)


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