Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beautiful Rabbit's Field Trip

Beautiful Rabbit has been pushing for a day at the new park.(She finished an amazing amount of homework so we could go!) Spring finally showed up long enough that we could go. Rabbit ran into a couple friends while we were there.

Strong Bear made a few new friends.  He was very brave--maybe too brave for mommy.

Delightful Finch also made a new friend.  She mostly played on the slide.  She fell off the bottom of the slide every time...but she just didn't care.

Seraph always loves being outside. She was happier laying on a blanket on the grass than in the stroller.

Angel was all over the place.

Can't wait to invite the cousins over to play this summer ;)


Safire said...

We are excited to come over this summer! This park looks awesome. :) We also found a new park yesterday with a dragon in it! Very cool.

Paige said...

Great pictures. Did SB get a haircut? He looks so handsome in that close-up. BR looks like she is having lots of fun.


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