Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Angel flies up the stairs without hesitation.  Down is another story.  She'll cry at the top of the stairs until someone rescues her.  Her favorite is when someone leaves a bedroom door open - then she can go exploring.

She's also picked up Finch's knack for getting Beautiful Rabbit to scoop her up and just hold her.

She loves to fall asleep in someone's loving arms.  Gulping down a bottle is her other favorite way of falling asleep. She sleeps as little as possible--always on the go.

Haqon distictly heard her say, "Hi, Dad."  I missed it, but the next morning she saw me and said, "Hi, Mawm...."

She loves eating "real" food.  She's my first baby to like green foods best - peas and green beans.  Yams and squash and carrots are only OK.  Peaches are tolerable.  Beets were flatly rejected. Oatmeal is good. Wheat crackers are really good.

Today she had heavily-watered-down apple juice in a sippy cup.  Finch and Bear delighted in helping her learn how to position the cup so the yummy juice would come out.  

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