Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yipee Horaay Woot Wahoo Yaaaaaay :)

Seraph just came out of the cath lab.  They found some problems that they were able to fix and she should do better and come home.

After the Glen, the heart has more pressure than it's used to having.  To compensate (and especially if the body's fighting off any kind of infection, which she was) your body makes new veins that reconnect areas of the heart to relieve that pressure.  Those new veins basically undo the Glen.  So, they sealed up all these new veins that aren't supposed to be there. Now her Glen should be working as intended--the returning blood from her head will go straight to her lungs.   Her heart will be more efficient.  She'll be pumping a higher percentage of oxygenated blood to her body. She'll feel better.

She still has some extra veins that were too small for them to close.  These will go away on their own as she heals (when the original stressor/infection is gone...which it is.)

Not 5 minutes before we heard the news, I told Sexy Haqon that it'd be great if they'd just call and say that they found the problem and just fixed it while they were there.  And that's exactly what happened.  Way cool!

They plan to extubate her tonight or tomorrow.  She had zero complications with the procedure.  Everyone is happy.  ...and I'm the happiest of all :)

Thanks, everyone :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Safire said...

Yay horrah! Huzzah! :) We're so happy for you all. Can't wait to hear that she is coming home for good now!

The Vigh Household said...

Yah hoo!!! Such awesome news. Soon now, very soon! Get all the rest you can now. :)

Amy said...

Oh man, I almost cried when I read the happy news. HUGE HUGS AND JUMP UP AND DOWN! :)

jenfarmgirl said...

Great news!! We're so happy too!


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