Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seraph's Family

We made a video for Seraph.  It had all the kids in it.  She LOVED watching it.  Her eyes were glued to the screen.  She watched it 7 times. She liked hearing the kids giggling.  She smiled and smiled and smiled.  I think she knows her brother and sisters :)

She was pretty happy today.  I took one of the socks off her hand so she could suck on her fingers a bit. She seemed to like it, but her gag reflex is really strong, and she choked a few times.

Sexy Haqon fell asleep waiting for her to wake up.  She was sleeping in her swing when we first arrived.


jenfarmgirl said...

That's adorable. Great idea!!

Amy said...

That is really a great idea. I'm sure she misses having family interaction, especially with missing her twin that she's known all her life in the womb. What a nice way to remind her who you all are! I sure hope her heart vessel can be something they don't have to operate on-- I know you want her home! We'll pray harder :)


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