Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why is it......that everything goes in the mouth *except* food???

The Twins

OK, I just threw that in cuz I couldn't think of a title.  I mean Seraph.  She's so silly that way.  She loves chomping on EVERYTHING now.  But, If I try to sneak her some food, she drops it like it's poison.

Gma gave us these fantastic water-erase markers.  I think they're for drawing on car windows to sell your car.  We use them to draw on the shower door.  Each kid gets a bright color to draw whatever they want (just on the glass).

We used to draw letters in the shower with soap.  So, the kids think of the shower as a place to do letters now.  Strong Bear continues to sound everything out.  He asks about everything!

Today Beautiful Rabbit's school sent her registration forms for next year.  Then it hit me - Strong Bear's first day of school is fast approaching. He's not scared of school at all.  He wants to go be like Rabbit.  She loves school and it's rubbed off on him already.  Besides, school is filled with tons of boys to play with!  (My sweet Bear does get tired of being around all girls all the time.)

I finally cleaned off the master bathroom counters/sinks.  (Don't ask how long it's been...)  Let's just say it was filled with everything we wanted to keep out of reach when the kids were just a bit smaller.  Plus it had formula and supplies for Angel.  She doesn't even drink formula any more.  This was left over from when her crib was still in the master bedroom at night. There was lots of garbage, too--empty bottles and papers.

Delightful Finch met our new neighbor's dog today.  The dog is really loving.  Finch liked petting her once she calmed down a bit.  Then Finch decided it was a good time to run up the stairs to explore the new house.  Doh!  I love the way she just makes herself at home wherever we go.  My other kids aren't like that.  It wasn't the time for a full tour, though.  So, I scooped her up and we went home.

March seems like a good month already :)

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