Monday, March 8, 2010

Love my Family

Seraph has a little heart-baby friend who was in the hospital last week due to sickness.  (She's home now, yay!)

RSV/flu season is sooo hard.  I don't want my baby to catch anything but....  But it's so nice outside lately.  Surely RSV season is just about over, right?  Surely one little trip to XXXXXX wouldn't hurt.  Except.  Except that last week the news reported that the local children's hospital was getting 200 RSV cases PER DAY.

OK, so lock the door and don't let anyone in.  Start yelling at people to wash their hands.   Put up signs on your front door asking for a $250k donation from anyone who brings us a cold (ya know, to cover the ICU bill. No, I don't really do that...but yes, I did entertain the thought....)  Except.  Except winter is lonely and gets depressing when you're stuck inside...even when it's stuck inside with your wonderful family.

So, today we invited the cousins over to play cards.  My kids ADORE their cousins.  We all do :)

Amazing fun.  The best part is that they already know how freaked out I am about germs around Seraph.  They just don't come when they're sick or when they've just been sick or if they might be starting to get sick.  They sanitize before being told because that's just what you do at my house.

I'm so grateful for people who just get it.  Thanks cousins!  Thanks family.  Thanks to Gma and Gpa who meet tons of people all the time....but take care to not get sick. (sometimes with sanitizer and other times by fierce willpower.) Thanks friends.  Thanks to friends who tell me 'hey, we put that hand sanitizer by our front door because we have to be careful for you'.  Thanks neighbors.  Thanks to neighbors who keep their kids away from my kids when they're sick.  Neighbors who are careful about washing up before they come to play.

Without you guys my winter would be soooo lonely and depressing.  The kids would drive everyone crazy.  But, thanks to you....everything is better.  Winter is almost over.  RSV season drags on too long.  Thanks for making a difficult time better.

and yes, wash your hands!!

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Safire said...

Aww...wish I could be there and do the hand sanitizer thing too! (And yes, I know the house across the street is for sale again...)


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