Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Remember the Tooth!

Seraph might have a cavity!

I keep switching back and forth between thinking it's a cavity and thinking it's some paint she chewed off a toy.  (Ya, I know that's bad, too.  Those painted toy trains are supposed to be out of her reach.)  I hadn't thought much of brushing her teeth since she doesn't eat orally and has HUGE oral aversions.  Her aversions stem from being repeatedly intubated when she was smaller.  I guess not brushing was a mistake--worse because my brother is actually a dentist! (....but not a pediatric dentist.)

So, if you have a heart baby, remember to brush his teeth!

If it does turn out to be a cavity, we'd have to take her to a pediatric dentist.  They'll sedate her then take care of the cavity.  Taking care of it while she's awake is NOT an option because of her aversions.  Her heart rate would shoot thru the roof!

Also....anytime a heart baby has dental care, they take antibiotics first.  Otherwise they're susceptible to a specific bacteria that will damage the heart.

That said.....the dark spot seems to be getting smaller.  So, I'm hopeful that it's just a spec of something that I haven't been able to brush out.  Yes, I'm brushing her teeth now.  No, she doesn't love it. Yes, I'm doing it anyway.  No, I don't know how this will affect her aversions.


Mamalissa said...

Poor Seraph. :) After the twins were born I had a hard time remembering all of that stuff. You go from having to worry about you and only you to worrying about three peoples eating, pooping, bathing, nail cutting, etc. One area that I dropped the ball was brushing teeth. After their first bad trip to the dentist I became the teeth brushing nazi. Though I'm still not very good at floride. :)

Safire said...

Ack! Not a cavity! Do you think M could come over and just glance in there for you and see if you have to take her in? Good luck!


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