Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nut Shells

I had fun with Seraph's physical therapy today.  We mostly played with a hat.  Props are good!  She's getting more brave with her balance every day :)
  • Thank the heavens that Sexy Haqon is back from his super long business trip that went really well but it was crazy hard to deal with the kids all week without him and thank heavens for family who dropped by and called to keep me sane. (I always feel weird telling people that he's gonna be gone all week cuz it makes me feel more vulnerable when more people know he's not here....but then if I don't tell then I don't get the extra support which I really need. I haven't figured this one out yet)
  • kindergarten orientation.
  • kindergarten forms
  • track sign-up for next year
  • doctor appointments for said forms
  • reschedule seraph's dental appointment
  • Physical Therapy (play with Seraph who has extra big smiles today and call it a chore ;)
  • skip Seraph's food therapy three days in a row
  • figure out if I have a cold or allergies -- either way I can't breath!
  • put up new calendar (yes, I do this 2 months at a's just easier to organize my desk that way)
  • fax those documents to that lady 
  • call that office that'll keep me on hold for an hour
  • buy new rechargeable batteries for my camera (somehow they always end up in the Wii remotes)
  • sign tax papers
  • fill out more papers
  • fix my computer so it won't restart itself at in the middle of webinars I've waited all day to watch.
  • cross my fingers that it's really fixed.
  • play my turn at scrabble
  • stop putting off writing on my blog just cuz I don't have a picture to post with it
  • sleep
  • get Delightful Finch's hair cut!!
  • play text twist
  • learn that my phone's screen turns a funky kind of plaid if I don't recharge it on time
  • learn that my phone's plaid screen will go away if I charge the battery for 10 minutes AND then push the camera button.
  • thank the heavens for google.
  • see what Ms Baby Plan is up to today

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