Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today's To Do ....

  • Call old health insurance to fix problem (x 2)
  • Call new health insurance to fix problem
  • Call each of Seraph's providers to make sure they accept new insurance
  • Try to convince new insurance (again) that their phone system is totally messed up.
  • Change diapers...more diapers...and more diapers
  • Watch Castle
  • Cleaning storm
  • Watch one (make that two) Inuyasha Cartoons
  • Eat Chocolate
  • have all 3 meals on time
  • Shovel the snow off the sidewalks
  • Tell the neighbors their sprinklers are watering the snow
  • Invite cousin S to come over
  • Go to Bed
  • Watch in horror as Angel learns she's tall enough to open doors now
  • Get all the kids in bed 
  • Talk to my honey :)
  • Make a cartoon of myself
  • Call my mommy
  • scrabble turn (x2)
  • Watch in delight as Seraph stands for 7 seconds all by herself!
  • trick the kids into eating vegetables
  • Play text twist
  • help the kids make a movie for their cousins
  • exercise


Safire said...

I love this! :) We're excited about the movie. (Is it sad that my kids know what youtube is and beg me to play the movies over and over?!)

Shell said...

You still got a lot done! I would be scared to write out a list like this....

I might actually have to get off of the computer.

Sherrie said...

Aww I was on your to do list? :D See you today for sure! Can't wait to see Angel opening doors and Seraph standing by herself!!! (and hopefully you'll get to eat chocolate today) :P Love you!


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