Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good News, Seraph :)

Seraph hangs out on a huge floor mat in the PICU. She's surrounded by toys. She LOVES this toy a ton!! (We might have to get her one..heh) She's rolling onto her sides, reaching for things, sitting up in chairs, smiling tons....

Good News:
--Seraph is on 1/2 liter oxygen (that's less than what she'd been on at home.)
--She took a super long nap today (great because she hasn't been sleeping for more than a few hours at a time)

They're keeping her in the PICU for now. They need to make sure she can tolerate being off the high flow oxygen.

She LOVED playing with her papa. He's just so fun!! Strong Bear came with us today. He wanted to see Seraph. He played with her toys and talked to her a lot. (Later, he threw pennies in the fountain and played on the rocks while daddy brought the car around.)

Look at all those teeth!! Seraph has 2 molar teeth coming in on bottom. She loves her teeth soooo much. She's always touching them or biting toys.

We finally wore Seraph out and she fell asleep in my arms. She never lets me cradle her like this. I hold her on my shoulder alot or in my lap (facing away from me). It was wonderful to snuggle and watch her slow blinks as she drifted off.

Thank you for all your prayers. Seraph really seemed like herself today....and it was wonderful! Can't wait to have her home :)


gma said...

I was so-o-o happy to hear the good news! :) gma

Patty and Kevin said...

That's great news! Hooray! How is the reflux coming? Did the surgery help? We sure love you guys. Thanks for keeping us posted!

Anonymous said...

wonderful news!!!!!!!
Claudia (from the momo site)

Paige said...

Great pictures. Everyone looks so happy. So glad she is doing so well. Strong Bear is such a sweetie.

Mamalissa said...

She does look so happy. Maybe she has put it together that getting better means going home. :)

Amy said...

That's wonderful news! I'm so glad she's breathing on her own so well! And of course she would love her Haqon time--everybody loves Haqon time :)

Have you run into Orange Blossom and their parents? She just got moved out of the ICU a week ago. I know they were looking for you the other day when they got back from vacation.

We'll keep up with the prayers! It's great to hear all the good they can do!


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