Sunday, July 12, 2009

After the rain....

Took the family to the park today. Seraph was chewing on her oxygen tube so much today, I finally just took it off. She's still on an oxygen monitor. Her oxygen levels and heart rate have been in a good range for the past 4 hours. I'll put the oxygen back on if she gets tired of breathing by herself. (It's back on now at 1/8 liter)

Angel ate sand. yuck!

Delightful Finch made friends with the highschool kids. They kept lifting her up for drinks at the drinking fountain....and then she just kinda hung out with them. I guess they were cooler than us :p

Bear and Rabbit played games and spun themselves silly. Haqon and I and Faerie Princess each tried the spinning toys (if only briefly).


Anonymous said...

Good to have everyone together again. It makes for a happy Mom. gma

Amy said...

Hooray, such good news that she's home and able to party with the family! I can't BELIEVE all her teeth! My goodness! My children only had about four teeth at her age! Hooray for having the family all back together!

Anonymous said...

Seraph looks 100 times better than when I saw her last (in the hospital)! I'm so glad she's home. Oh, and in case I forget, happy birthday on Friday! :)



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