Friday, July 10, 2009

Monday at the Beach

Strong Bear and his cousin, Butterfly, playing at the skate park. The skate park is on the way to the sand park which is on the way to the beach. It takes ages to walk to the beach with all those parks in the way!!

Beautiful Rabbit didn't bring a swimsuit, but that didn't slow her down at all! Several of our neighbors were already at the beach with their girls. The girls covered each other in sand and then rinsed it off...again and again

Delightful Finch charmed her way into a treasure of chips and water (from our sweet neighbors). She spent an hour walking around offering chips to everyone on the beach. (or maybe she was just showing everyone her's hard to tell).

Here's my sil with one of her twins. I think it's the Professor. He wasn't in the mood to get wet.

His brother, Pirate, was all about splashing! He and Angel made friends with another little girl their age. We hung out on the waterline and tried not to eat too much sand.

Watermelon and the sand park on the way back! Sadly, our cousins had to go back home yesterday. They live back East. They were here for a whole month and didn't get to see baby Seraph - who's coming home today. I can't believe we didn't get to see all the twins together....of all the luck!!


Safire said...

You've got my boys backwards. :) Professor didn't want to get wet, Pirate is my water baby!

And we have timing or what?!

RainSplats said...

Fixed their names. Sorry about that. It's so much easier to tell them apart in person! (and when I can actually see their eyes or even faces, lol)

You back yet? Can't wait to see those pics :)


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