Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby Oatmeal!!

Seraph had her first taste of oatmeal today. (OK, technically I snuck her a taste months ago...but her first official taste...)

She LOVES food. Her therapist thinks her muscles will get strong fast. She might be able to take a (thickened) bottle in a few weeks!! Her oral aversions vanish when the oatmeal gets close to her mouth. She had some trouble at the end, but was fine once we vented her g-tube. Next time we'll feed her while venting(!)[venting is leaving the tube open so if she needs to burp it can come out the tube instead of getting stuck in her tummy]

Once she's doing really well on real foods, we can take out the g-tube and let it heal over. That's still a long way off....but maybe not as long as we'd thought :)

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Safire said...

Yum yum! I'm so excited for her!


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