Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Angel

Angel (age 1):
wt: 20#7oz

Favorite toy: her daddy
binky: nope - prefers her baba (bottle)
favorite word: mamamamamamamamamamamamamama (This is how she gets me out of bed in the mornings.)

Angel loves to sing in the morning. She recently started saying "NO", but doesn't know what it means yet. Doc said she's going to start having temper tantrums - ack!

She walks! Her motto in life could be "me too"! She wants to go every where Strong Bear & Delightful Finch go; wants to do everything they do. She rides their trikes, she climbed Finch's chair so often we had to buy Finch an Angel-proof chair! She loves her grandpa...and knows just how to get him (and others) to pick her up.

This year has passed by so quickly for Angel. She is eating real food--but not enough teeth to mash it up herself. She has 5 teeth on bottom and 4 on top.

Favorite food: Strawberry. She clutches her strawberry so tight she has trouble grabbing a new one when the old one is just a tiny red spot in her hand.

She weighed 4#13oz at birth. She was in the NICU for 10 days and came home withOUT oxygen or her NG tube. Her brother and sisters have loved her to pieces from day 1.
She asks for a bottle when she's sleepy. ...and can sleep anywhere. She usually wakes up happy. Sometimes I'm sure she thinks she just blinked when really it was a 4 hour nap.
She loves her Seraph sister. She likes to help her get rid of those silly cords. She also likes to show her how to play with toys. Angel always has smiles for Seraph.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday to EVERYONE in the family who have birthdays!

jenfarmgirl said...

She's a cute girl. I imagine you have the three little musketeers and you'll have a forth soon running around.


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