Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Seraph

Seraph (age 1):

Favorite toy: oxygen cannula (she likes to chew on the cord)

She loves playing Peek-a-boo. (esp the one where you throw a small blanket on her head and then say "peek-a-boo" once she pulls it off). She also loves her teeth. She has this amazing little smile that shows off all her teeth. She has atleast 6 teeth on top (2 more top molars about to pop through) and 8 teeth on bottom.

She rolls to her sides, and sits up well for short periods of time. She's happy to be rid of her NJ tube!! She doesn't think she needs her oxygen or monitors anymore - she's always pulling them off. She knows to cry at doctor's offices before they even look at her.

She's had 2 open heart surgeries and 2 other surgeries. She's a strong little girl who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to tell doctors off....or pee on them when they deserve it :P

At birth, she weighted 4#8oz. She's always been a very social baby. I can't believe how much she's been through this year. I'm just happy to have her home. She's amazing.
One more picture with her NJ tube (which she had for soooooo much of this past year.)
She really loves her hands, too. Sometimes she just stares at them and watches how they work. She loves her Angel sister...but sometimes Angel is a little too hyper for her. Sometimes Seraph gets anxious when Angel is too close. Other times, she grabs Angel's hand or nose or face and watches her intently.

So happy to have these 2 as part of our family :)


jenfarmgirl said...

Thanks so much for writing about your baby girls. Seraph has been in our prayers a lot this past year. I'm impressed with how your family has handled the challenges you've been confronted with. You are full of faith. You rock!

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at how calm you are with each of your children. You do a wonderful job. Whenever you are near Seraph, her eyes follow your every movement. Gma

Mamalissa said...

Cute post. Cute girls. :)


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