Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer begins on Father's Day this year...

They took Seraph off aspirin this week in preparation for her surgery (so she won't bleed as much). Aspirin thins her blood to prevent clots and ease her heart's workload.  I've been nervous about having her off it, but she's doing fine.  She has a new tooth! That makes 1 on top & 3 on bottom.

Angel stands up by herself when she doesn't notice she's doing it!

Strong Bear decided he'd rather be a big boy than a little boy.  So, he's in underwear! There've been a few accidents, and mom still tells him to go potty before mealtimes...but he doesn't fight me about it. :) Big boys get to play more games, go to the park, go swimming, and stay up a bit later.  

Beautiful Rabbit spent the weekend with her cousins.  They went swimming every day.  Lucky for her, the pool near us just opened, too.  Last night we squeezed in 25 minutes of swimming before closing time. :)

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