Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

My family surprised me Saturday morning with wonderful Mother's Day gifts.  I loved the flowers sooo much that I took a picture and set it as the background on my computer!  I took the picture on my front porch with the evening sky as the background.

I just found out atleast 2 of the moms who had momo twins around the same time as me are pregnant again.  Wow!  ...and a little crazy ;)

I remember the first Mother's Day after I was married.  We lived in Houston.  They handed out flowers in church to all the moms.  They insisted on including me because I would be a mom soon.

A few years later, I stood in church waiting for my flower on Mother's Day.  I was pregnant with Beautiful Rabbit.  I felt so much love for her that day.  My tiny little baby - I felt like she was giving me hugs...that would be just so her!

Now it's my first Mother's Day with the twins.  It snuck up on me!

I love it when my kids smile at me; when they're soothed just by seeing me near.  I still feel that way around my own mom.  She's the bestest!  She taught me about mommy-hugs.  She just shows up when I need help - sometimes before I even know I need it.

I love you, Mommy :)

Now go call your own moms before your day gets busy :p


Anonymous said...

I love you, too. I love being with you and your children. I love the calm, unhurried way you relate to them. That is why I come--so the physical weight of their care doesn't bog you down. So you can still be the beautiful Mother you are. Gma

Patty and Kevin said...

Happy Mother's Day! I love the pictures of the flowers. Beautiful! Also, good luck with the echo tomorrow! We will be praying...


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