Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Angel 10-month Check-Up

Ht: 28 inches (50th % for her age)
Wt: 18 lbs 14 oz (35th % for her age)

The Good:
Angel is exactly where she should be at 10 months.  She's sitting well, crawling well, standing well....She has a strong stranger anxiety. (Visitors can attest to this.)
She can eat more and more real food.  Basically everything mashable but not peanuts.  She can even have milk products - cheese, yogurt....just not straight milk.

She LOVES eating the same food as the rest of the family.  Sunday she try to hypnotise me into giving her my chocolate cheesecake!  That didn't work, but she did get her first dose of Mac & Cheese today.  (Delightful Finch fed Angel some star crackers so she wouldn't go hungry while I made dinner.  Finch makes for a cute tiny mommy.)

The Bad:
Shots.  Angel had 3 immunization shots today + they drew blood for an iron test.  Not only that - mommy didn't let her explore the doctor's office because Seraph was on a blanket on the floor.....and Angel still loves yanking on Seraph's cords way too much!

My baby is growing up!  Tonight Angel and Finch sat on the floor together sorting through toys.  I think she's graduated from baby to playmate in the kids' minds. *sniff sniff*


Safire said...

She is getting so big! I can't believe she is starting to be a play mate! I'm so excited to get our kids together this summer. :) Should be fun.

jenfarmgirl said...

She does look a lot bigger and older! Good job growing!


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