Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Seraph 10-month Check-Up

Ht: 27 inches (20th % for her age)
Wt: 20 lbs 9 oz (70th % for her age)

Seraph's Echocardiogram with Cardiology is still Friday.  Today was just a normal pediatrician visit.

Her pediatrician seemed baffled at her progress.  He didn't expect her to be so happy...or to be growing new teeth or to be progressing developmentally.  No one that he's talked to expected her to be doing this well.  He tried to be very careful to not get our hopes up....but he's very interested to see if she has increased heart function.  (I guess the cardiologist doesn't send the results fast enough...Pediatrician asked me to call him Friday to tell him how things go.)

He didn't want to make any changes before her cardio appointment Friday.  But.....but I could hear his brain switching gears.  He kept repeating "palliative care" like it tasted odd in his mouth.  Then he said that we needed to start thinking about getting her immunization shots done.  

When Seraph came home on palliative care, I told him I didn't want her to get the shots - to have one more thing for her body to deal with.  He completely agreed.  But, now he'd like to start up her shots at her next appointment - in 2 months.

Of all her doctors, her pediatrician has been the biggest realist.  So, it was wonderful to hear him switch gears like that.

The Good:  
I'll admit it - I love showing off how well she's doing.  I love watching that solemn look turn surprise and then a .."I'm not sure where to go from here" look.

I haven't had the twins out together in months.  It was fun to let people ooooh and awww over them.

The Bad:
Chubby.  Her formula (the way they told me to make it) might be too calorie rich.  Seriously, that's how he said  Anyway, he deferred to the cardiologist in deciding if her weight gain is good or if they should slow it down. 

Aside from wiggling, she doesn't get much exercise.  At first they thought she was retaining water...but now they think it's just too many calories.  They talk about how Seraph's heart works harder and burns (3 times) more calories than Angel's heart.  So, it seems Seraph's heart might not be working as hard as they thought it would.  I think that's a good thing.

Thanks, again, for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers...and extra thanks to all those who fasted for her.  I feel good about her progress.

Hopefully I'll have more good news for you Friday  ~ Have a nice week :)


Safire said...

She looks so happy! And is so big! My boys are skinny skinny in comparison. :) Glad she's doing so well.

Paige said...

Great picture of her. Is her hair growing a little too? Glad she is doing so well.

jenfarmgirl said...

We're hopeful, I can't deny it. You know, if she's growing teeth she can grow other things...that's how I'm thinking.

Amy said...

You win the prize for the most adorable little girls. And they are doing so well! That's really fun to hear the doctors start planning ahead for her to have a future :) Guess they didn't plan on prayers and fasting, and a girl with an unconquerable spirit, right?


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