Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Pictures for you (cuz really I'm already asleep)...

That's my brother in the last picture holding Angel.  Grandma got her that shirt:  "If Mommy says no, ask GRANDMA"

Haqon's parents stayed with us this weekend.  It was really fun :)  We spent lots of time at the park and just playing.  Grandma really got into the wii fit stuff.  Grandpa was Delightful Finch's favorite "toy" the whole time he was here.  He played with baby Seraph and got her to start reaching out farther than ever before for her toy :)

It was nice to have a few days of spring before this silly snow. (silly snow that my kids are quite happy about.



Safire said...

I love the pictures! Keep them coming and get some sleep. ;)

Amy said...

Your brother needs a cool codename, too. It's good to see him again.

Your kids are looking so great! Say hi to the folks--I love your parents :)


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