Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Almost Spring..

Seraph is getting her RSV shot tomorrow.  It'll be her last one.  Hopefully that means the season will be ending.  It's supposed to be over already...but people don't wash their hands all the time like crazy freaks or soak everything in hand sanitizer (hah)...so the RSV germs keep getting spread around.

This isn't a rant about RSV, though....but it could be.  I spent 2 hours jumping through hoops yesterday....literal hoops would've been funner.  Someone bought out the pharmacy that supplies Seraph's RSV shot.  I guess mistakes happen.  The mistake that wasted part of my day was someone tracking me down and demanding I pay a $20 co-pay before they'd mail her RSV shot to my doctor's office.   Huh.  That's new.  Turned out the actual pharmacy people weren't worried that I was going to run off with my $20 and said they would normally just bill me later for it.  They'd already boxed it up...and there were no holds on my account.  I guess they worry more when the co-pay is bigger.

Angel.  She's figuring out that she can get more places if she moves her feet while she's standing.  I can just hear MY dad's voice whispering, "trip her....trip her".  She's still clinging to couches, people, chairs, and rolling toys....but she's figuring this walking thing out way too fast.  I still can't bring myself to tripping her (sorry, Dad)....but maybe if I just hold her all the time.... I'm pretty sure she'd be OK with that.

AuntA got the twins the cutest lil clothes.  I meant to take a pic of Angel today in one of the shirts.  Sooooo cute!  Thanks, AA :)

Oh, and happy birthday to my lil bro, too.  Love you! Come visit :)

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jenfarmgirl said...

I think that day pooped her out. I'm glad it all worked out!


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