Thursday, March 5, 2009

It Still isn't Friday??

This week has been soooooo looooong!

Doc visit went well.  Her weight was steady from yesterday - yay!  (She's been retaining too much water; gaining weight too fast).  She was happy until they suctioned her.  She didn't have any nose bleeds and wasn't as stuffy as yesterday.

I snuck in a 30 minute nap this morning.  I felt great for about an hour after.  Maybe I can sneak in another.  I think we're only about half way through this cold.

Due to Seraph's increased oxygen demands, they brought us an oxygen condenser.  So, instead of all the oxygen tanks, we just turn on this loud machine that pulls oxygen out of the air for her.  It's very nice :)...and the cord is long enough that we'll be able to take her out on the front lawn once it warms up.  

Yes, Dad, it snowed today!  


Anonymous said...

Good report. We love you. Gma

Safire said...

Seriously, why is it not Friday yet!


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