Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little Stuffy Noses...

RSV shot time!  Seraph had a rough time.  First they poked her...then they suctioned her!  She was sooo mad!!  This cold is really kicking her butt.  Now that we're home, she's much happier.  And, I was able to turn her oxygen down to 1L.  Doc wants to see her every day to check on her and suction her out.  He even said to bring her again tonight if she needs it.  Hopefully she won't.

Seraph has two teeth that are trying to cut through her gums.  I didn't expect her to teeth so soon.  Her body must be doing well to start taking care of the little stuff like teeth and hair ;)

Angel fell asleep mid-crawl.  An hour later, she woke up and finished crawling the 2 inches to her toy.  I wonder if she knows she slept.

Bear and Finch played with a wooden train set today.  Trains are definitely very cool.  They built tracks everywhere!  Angel managed to find some, too.  


Safire said...

Awww...that is so funny about her falling asleep! And yay for teeth!

jenfarmgirl said...

I love your happy baby pictures! I think you're doing things just right. Congratulations and pats on the back for all your hard work.


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