Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My parents are back from Hawaii!!  I don't think they missed the snow one bit. With cool cell phones, I could still talk to my mommy every day...but it was still like walking the tightrope without the safety net while she was gone.  Glad she's home :)

Rabbit had a rough day.  I don't remember life being so tough when I was in third grade.  I remember writing a poem about leprechauns...and learning cursive.

Bear played too hard yesterday.  He fell and got a goose egg.  He's alright.  It just scared his mommy for a bit.

Seraph's doing great.  She impressed her nurse with smiles, good color, lower respiration rate, lower oxygen need, proper weight gain, and just general playfulness.  She's going to see about getting a physical therapist to come in and work with her.  We want to look at neck and leg strengthening, I think. Gosh...I dunno how I'll keep her cords out of trouble when she starts crawling.

I think a skunk walked by our house just now....ewww!  gotta run and close the windows ;)

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jenfarmgirl said...

Great news! About your mom coming home and Seraph doing well. Sorry for the goose egg and the hard day, though.


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