Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quick Recap

This past week has been crazy.  I'm sick.  My whole family is sick.  It's just a tiny cold, but it scares me because Seraph hasn't had a cold that didn't require hospitalization (and intubation...which we truly want to avoid at this point).  So far her stats have been doing OK.  I'm always suctioning her nose so she can breath.  She's on 2 L of oxygen right now.  That much air blowing up her nose makes it really dry. So, her nose bleed earlier.  ...and since she's on blood thinners, it bled for a long time.  It's hard to balance suctioning her out with not getting nose bleeds.  She's scheduled to get her RSV shot tomorrow.

Seraph has been all smiles.  I don't think she even knows she's sick.  She has a new favorite position - laying on her right side.  She plays with toys and takes naps.  Her nurse was surprised at how happy she was on the floor.  Usually kids with reflux don't like being on the floor.  

Yesterday, Seraph saw her cardiologist.  She's doing better than he expected. He doesn't need to see her 'til May.  Then they'll re-test everything and see if she's doing well enough for future surgeries. So, if I can just keep her NJ tube in her, I won't have to see the hospital for 2 months!  Yay!

Angel knows she has a cold.  She wants to be held at all times!  Also, she is definitely allergic to rice.  I'll try oatmeal in a few days.  She's getting better at crawling.

She's also tons more interactive - esp with Strong Bear and Delightful Finch.  She's all ready to join the "big" kids at tearing up the house.  

Early in the morning, when she thinks no one is listening, she wakes up and practises her letter sounds. 

A few days ago, the twins were playing on the floor together.....Angel grabbed Seraph's NJ tube and ripped it out.  I'm sure Seraph was in on it--she didn't make a peep to let us know what had happened.  Both girls were pretty proud of themselves.

Luckily Sexy Haqon was home....so we didn't have to scramble for a babysitter.  Sadly, the Floro guy who replaced it used the wrong length.  It was the last straw.  Every time I tried to do meds, Seraph would knock me and spill it.  After a few days, we went back and demanded a longer one.  

One of Haqon's friends came to stay with us a few days last week.  It was sooo fun.  Whenever he visits the kids get a notch wilder and I feel like we're all in college again.  I'm glad he was able to come.

Each time I felt like I was really pushed past my limit, someone would show up and do something nice:  a well-timed phone call, a friend dropping off dinner unexpectedly, a friend stopping by to play with the kids, IHH stopping by with a couple boxes of diapers and wipes not 2 minutes after we'd realized we were low on diapers for the twins, and an amazing neighbor who managed to not only stay sane while watching my kids...but also found time to clean my house before I got back!! Thank you for all your help and for all your prayers.  

Sexy especially has been keeping me on the good side of sanity.  Thanks, sweetie :) XOXOXXO

Ooooh, I can't remember if I already posted about this...but we got a Wii Fit.  I LOVE it.  I love it even more than I thought I would.  It's been too long since I did Yoga.  Rabbit loves the yoga, too.  Bear loves the games.  He's always asking, "Will you run with me?".  And, Yes, Juice - in the 10 days we've had it, I've only missed one day.

OK....I think that's everything!  Hope everything is going well for you.  Hope spring will hurry up and get here already ;)


Safire said...

Yay we're glad things have been going okay for you guys! We think of you a lot and pray for you always. :) Enjoy your wii fit. I'm jealous...but we've been enjoying rock band too. :)

Mamalissa said...

Since you hadn't updated I wondered if someone was sick. Sorry to hear that it is ALL of you. I'm sure that you are super nervous with Seraph but she seems to be coping well. Her story is such an inspiration... Sending well wishes and lots of tylenyol your way.

Amy said...

I'm so excited for you that Seraph can stay home for a couple months without testing! Your children are adorable. Any time you're going crazy, call me and we can talk crazy together. Hopefully things will start being smoother for you once everyone gets over the yucky RSV stuff. We won't be coming to visit, since I seem to have the same yucky stuff.


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