Monday, June 7, 2010

We did it!

Saturday night I wrote out a crazy detailed list for each person of everything that had to be done at what time so we could get everyone fed, showered, and dressed for church today.  So this morning when Sexy Haqon woke me up with kisses at 8:25am (yes, that task was on his list), I hid under my covers until Heather's words flashed thru my brain:
When I think too much, I psych myself out. The first time I took the kids grocery shopping by myself, I sat in the parking lot, terrified to go into the store. I thought too much about all of the things that could go wrong or how difficult it would be. I learned that I have to not think about it and just do it.

So, I threw off the blankets and just did it.  It went crazy well.  Everyone followed the plan.  Everyone helped.  Everyone was ready to go....a bit early.

Church was amazing.  We stay home during RSV season...and last year Sexy and I traded off going and staying home with Seraph even after RSV season was over.  So, we hadn't been to church together in.......I have no idea...a super long time.

And it was Seraph's first time to go to church--our first time going as a whole family since the twins were born.  Many of our church friends who've been praying for Seraph finally got to meet her today :)

Seraph's first trip to church
Seraph was super friendly and social.  She explored.  She visited the people around us - instantly charming them with her huge smile.  She danced (rocked back and forth) for each of the songs...

Delightful Finch cheered "yay" and clapped after the opening hymn.  (ummm...not so reverent but super cute!)

When it was time for sunday school, both of the twins went into their own nursery class!  Sexy Haqon and I got to go to sunday school alone.  together.  alone.  No kids on my lap.  for an HOUR!!!  

Five minutes into the second class, the teacher brought Seraph to me.  She'd started crying when they'd put away the toys for singing time.  But, she was happy to play with her toys on the floor next to my chair.  So, I got to listen and participate in real-life adult conversations about God and testimonies.

Somehow I only had to change one (wet) diaper while we were there...

Strong Bear went to class with his favorite neighbor-friend.  He only wants to play with boys.  He's sick of all these sisters and wants to play boy games with boys and make boy jokes and laugh and grunt and be strong and do boy stuff.  He's super excited to meet boys in his kindergarten class and loved being in his friend's class at church.  

Beautiful Rabbit helped me take the younger kids to their she was a little late for her class.  So, when she walked in, her friends got excited that she was there.  She got to sit with a friend she really likes playing with....

Angel came home singing little churchy tunes.  She's less anxious around strangers than she was last month.

I was so scared that it'd be a torturous experience that left everyone hopelessly grumpy.  I'm soo, sooo glad that we went.  Everyone had a good time.  We're gonna do it again next week...and we've invited gma and gpa to come along ;)

The whole Family at Church


Fine Art by Jennifer said...

Great job!

Safire said...

Good for you! It's so nice to see you guys all at church!


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