Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dear Angel,

I love you, lil Roo!
You are a copycat.  You learn by copying and you copy everything!  You LOVE being funny--anything for a giggle. You LOVE LOVE LOVE teddy bears.  You are like a little pixie faerie.  Everything you do is cute.  You show Seraph how to do her therapy. You used to just watch Bear and Finch and then play with their toys after they left the room.  Now you jump right in.  You love your binky.  You like to share, but you don't let the other kids steal toys from you.  You are the world's best snuggle bunny.  You climb into my bed and just snuggle and snuggle in the mornings.  I love it!

 You can fall asleep anywhere.  You like your pink blanket or your teddybear blanket when you fall asleep. You stand on the edge of the couch and play a game that Beautiful Rabbit started that you love: "I will bring you back to life", you sing.  Then, you jump off the couch landing on your tummy.  "Oh, I am dead....", you sing like an opera...on and on and on.  Then your head pops up and you yell, "elmo and barney". Then everyone laughs.
You also like a bit about chickens and birds flying that I can't quite make out.
You know your alphabet.  You've known how to walk for a whole year.  You pick up song lyrics quickly.  YOu love Funny Bear. You like to play princesses with Delightful Finch. You communicate vocally as well as the older kids....unless you're in need of a nap.  Then you can only say, "binky"!!
You love to sit on my lap, on dad's lap,......on anyone's lap. You LOVE taking baths and showers...which is good because it makes your hair spring into rag curls.
You dance by spinning in circles.  You don't stop spinning when you're dizzy...you just slow down a bit so you don't fall over.  You have an infectious giggle.
 You give the best hugs ever! You like copying Seraph just as much as you like copying the older kids.  Sometimes you drop your words entirely so you can say "AAAaaaaaaaaa" back and forth with Seraph.  When I sing a song with a name in it, you ask me to sing it about you....and then about Seraph, and then about mommy--you make sure every gets a turn to be in the song.  You like playing games on the wii.  When a new friend is playing the Wii for the first time, you stand in front of them and demonstrate what they need to do to play the game.
You're a fast learner. you like playing with (rubber) yucky ducky.
You love puppies and love to pretend that you're a puppy. You are endlessly cute....and your whole family adores you :)

Happy birthday!

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Ronnica said...

Love the pictures. Happy birthday to her!


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