Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dear Seraph,

I love you!
You are strong and brave and love your family soooo much.  You kick your feet against the floor/bed for fun--even when you're asleep.  I don't know your favorite color yet.  You love your new mobility.  You taught yourself how to go up and down stairs.  At first that was scary, but now I'm just proud of you, glad I don't have to find safety gates for the stairs, and happy that we're finishing off the playroom in the basement so you can explore more places.
You have the hugest smile I've ever seen.  You light up my whole world with that smile....and ensure that any nurses will hold you and play with you and take extra care with you.  I can't stand it when you're away.  I love that you proved the doctors wrong and I knew you would.
You love music -- swaying back and forth/giggling/kicking your feet if it's a good song.  You like dolls and hard plastic you can chew on like toys and baby spoons.  
You grab my hands and face and push/pull them where you want them to be.  You tell grandpa (without words) when you want him to pick you up.  You love to be punched.  It's true!  We punch your belly or face or toes (ever so lightly and playfully) and you think it's the funniest thing ever!
You don't let me put a binky in your mouth...but you'll let Angel put a binky in your mouth.
You stand up as tall as you can to grab the computer mouse and push keys on the keyboard because that's the thing to do!
You give kisses to your reflection.  You practice giving mommy hugs around my neck about 20 at a time.  You plug your ears with 2 fingers when your brother/sisters are being too loud.  You cry when I yell at the other kids.
You love it when we leave a cushion off the couch so you can climb up onto the couch like the big kids. You are NOT easily distracted from your goals.  You don't trust people in white lab coats. You are NOT easy to trick.  You only allow things to go in your mouth if YOU decide it's a good idea at the time.
You hate things that are sweet. You still use your feet to grab things and push things away from you.  When you want to play alone, you go in the den or up the stairs.  When you want to be with the family, you insert yourself in the middle of whatever game looks the funnest. You pull off your oxygen whenever it gets in your way. Your hair is naturally curly and you've learned how to blow your own nose!
You make new friends easily--charming them with your smile. You weigh about 22lbs.

Happy Birthday :)

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