Friday, June 4, 2010

Going Crazy at the same time....

Our cousins came to visit - yay :)

Angel & Seraph with Professor

But wait....there should be one more......
Pirate, Angel, Seraph, & Professor (age 2)
Ok, so my girls won't be age 2 for a couple of weeks.  Still, how often do you see twins with twin cousins that are only 2 months apart??  They still play next to each other more than with each other...but it's exciting to see them all together.  Think of the messes they could make if only we lived a bit closer together!!  Maybe someday....

Pirate & Professor

Here's their older sis, too:
Strong Bear & Butterfly
My kids could play with Butterfly every day and still want to have her over more.  She's a fun girl!


Fine Art by Jennifer said...

I can see part of your mom's face. It looks like she's really enjoying seeing those twin grandbabies together! It's great to see the pictures, thanks for posting them! And really to me, I see mini Rainsplats and Juices. The Juiciest is on the left and the Rainiest is right next to him.

Safire said...

We had a blast at your house! Thanks for having us over!

Anonymous said...

Both Mothers of these four children are doing a super, SUPER job! Gma


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