Friday, June 25, 2010

Essentials - oral dispenser locking cap

Seraph has meds 3-8 times per day.  Sometimes I'm not home when it's time for meds.  Packing for a doctor's appointment, I always draw out any meds that she might need while we're gone and take them with me.  Previously, this was a pain in the be-hind!  Then I found this treasure:

I tested the seal with water.  Pushing with a fair amount of pressure did NOT pop off the cap.  Pulling created a vacuum inside that pulled the syringe back to where I'd started when I let go.

I used to fill the syringes and then tape them to a hard strip of plastic to keep them safe.  This is soooo much nicer.  I love it when people invent stuff like this.  Thanks, NeoMed :)

I get them through my favorite pharmacy--not the bland one you find at any grocery store but the nice pharmacy that does compounding.  If your compounding pharmacy doesn't carry them, you might slip the pharmacist this web addy:  

Aside from the cap, they are very sturdy.  They fit well into the connections I use--the bottle and the tubes.

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Stefenie said...

I also use the dispenser caps too when we travel. Ours aren't a fancy orange like yours. They are just a clear plastic one. It is nice to know that the meds will be safe.


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