Monday, June 7, 2010

Strong Bear's kindergarten doctor appointment

Mom: go hop in the shower so you're all clean.  We need to take you to see the doctor today.
Bear: why?
Mom: to make sure your body is all healthy for kindergarten
Bear: but it is healthy already!
Mom: I know, but the school wants the doctor to know. You'll stand on the scale to check your weight--just like on the wii.  He'll look in your ears...
Bear: but why??
Mom: to make sure your ears are working right...and that there's nothing in them that shouldn't be
Bear: but my ears work already
Bear: Mom, is he going to give me the flu???? [shot]
Mom: um....I'm not sure....[/hums innocently]

  • learned the meaning of "Still's Murmmer"--a musical heart beat that's NOT considered a defect/problem
  • picked up fresh Epi pens for his peanut allergy
  • 90th % height
  • 75th% weight
  • no tears for the shots because boys are strong and brave
  • he didn't like the blood pressure cup...but figured if Seraph could do it, he could too. (I didn't tell him that she hates it too....hates it so much that she squirms like crazy and the nurses have to start over again and again until they give up....)
  • lunch w/ just me and the boy at a burger place with a playland all to ourselves :)
  • shakes and chocolate cakes 
Outside the doctor's office there was a car in the middle of the road.  Dead battery.  As they jumped it, a mom drove up.  "Sorry. Can you let me get by, my boy is in anaphylactic shock and isn't breathing."  They pushed the car out of the way.

I hurried to the pharmacy to get our Epi pens. Kindergarten, here we come!

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