Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The sore throat of doom

Strong Bear caught a cold :(

I'm keeping the twins in my bedroom all the time in hopes that they won't get it.  Haqon got it yesterday...and I think Finch has it, too...though not as bad as Bear's.  Bear seems to be feeling better - his throat doesn't seem to be bothering him, but he's got a constant stream of snot.

I'm feeling more congested.  Rabbit seems OK as long as you don't ask her if her throat is sore.  (She's very prone to suggestion.) I think I might wake up with a sore throat tomorrow.  Angel sneezed tonight...but I hope it was just a sneeze.

If Seraph catches it.......she's still working on recovering from that diaper rash.  I think a cold could send her back to the hospital.  We don't want that to happen...esp so close to her next surgery.  I hope this thing passes quickly.

I haven't even thought about Halloween.....

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