Monday, October 20, 2008


Delightful Finch running through the neighborhood.

Strong Bear came over and said, "This is Baby Angel, and this is Baby Angel."  I guess he didn't recognize Seraph without her cannula.  (Seraph is NOT off her oxygen, she just had a short break for pictures.)

Haqon was out on the lawn.  I brought him Baby Seraph first, but didn't tell him I'd taken her cannula off.  When I came back with Baby Angel, he said, "Hey, you tricked me!"  He didn't notice it wasn't Angel until he gave her a kiss on her cheek and then he figured it out.  It's much easier to trick people when the twins aren't together.  Everyone relies on Seraph's tubes too much to figure out it's her.

Beautiful Rabbit and Delightful Finch LOVED having the twins outside for our picnic.  Great idea, Sexy Hakon :)



Paige said...

Love the pictures. Finch is so cute with her hair that way. She is starting to look more girlish and less babyish. Bear is growing too, and ever so cute. Haqon and Rabbit and the twins look so happy to be out in the sun. glad you guys are doing so well.

Amy said...

So cute! I love Finch's expression looking at the twins in the last photo.

jenfarmgirl said...

Great pictures! I love seeing all of your kids together. And S.H. too.


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