Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Adventures of P&J: episode 106

Strong Bear climbed on the back of Haqon's chair and gave him a HUGE hug around his neck.  Delightful Finch walked over to Mommy and said, "HI!!"

but wait...something's different.  Finch seems to be the wrong color from head to toe!  P&J had found a bag of grout powder (cement + sand) downstairs.  The grout is ALL over the basement....and ALL over P&J.

It took 2 baths to get all the grout powder out of their hair.

We moved the couch to block off the door to the basement until we figure out how to clean up the grout powder.  It is everywhere!  brooms and vacuums kick fine dust into the air.  The basement wasn't clean to begin with - the kids unpacked the 3 HUGE toy boxes and scattered them all over months ago.  I'd just started to organize things.....

The next morning, there was a flier on our door:  "We finish basements or partially finish basements".  A sign from heaven?  maybe.  We're thinking of putting in a couple of closets to seal off the water heater/etc.

On the plus side, I think Delightful Finch has shown me what she wants to be for Halloween--a ghost!  I'll take her outside and give her a bag of flour to play with.  What could go wrong!!! :P


Safire said...

Wow. Speechless on this one.

Anonymous said...

I can see why you were shocked when you saw them. P looks completely different. gma

Jessica said...

LOL! Yeah, I think you need to invest in a shop vac at the rate these two are going. I'm sure the roomba was fine when they were little but I think Hal is no match for them now.

Amy said...

You should talk to Brian about finishing your basement. Maybe he'd even sweep out some of the grout powder and stuffed animals while he was at it!


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