Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Adventures of P&J: episode 107

Strong Bear's recipe for Spagetti Sandals:
1. Let your parents watch a movie in the greatroom with the lights dimmed.
2. mosey on in to the kitchen-side of the room with Delightful Finch
3. Be extra quiet....anytime your parents look at you, be at the counter quietly eating dinner and sharing it with Delightful Finch.  This will give your parents a false sense of peace.  They'll be happy that you're eating and happy that you're sharing.
4. Any time your parents AREN'T looking, fling spagetti on the floor.
5. Once the floor is sufficiently thick with spagetti (or if you run out or ammo), walk around on the floor letting the spagetti stick to your feet until you have 1/2-3/4 inch of pasta on your feet.


Yes, we have a shop vac.  How did you know?  Our favorite clean-up tool is a long dust mop that you can use to sweep when it's dry and then mop when you spray cleaner on the floor.  It works really well on baby food powder.

We finally finished cleaning the basement.  It's cleaner than it's ever been!  We ended up moving all the spare house stuff - tiles/carpet/grout powder under the stairs....and then we boarded it off.  I guess we can yank off the boards if we really need to use it.  For now, it should be safe.  Right?....

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Amy said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you. I thought my basement was safe until the kids decided to disregard all my instructions to NOT GO IN THAT BACK ROOM and ripped up three games, losing many pieces and causing much distress. It's never safe unless you're watching them every minute.


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