Friday, October 17, 2008

The Adventures of P&J: episode 109 with special gueststar, SuperSister!

 Strong Bear:  Mommy, Mommy.....!
Mom:  I'm upstairs!
Strong Bear:  Delightful Finch made a HUGE mess!  Water all over!
Mom: Did Beautiful Rabbit (SuperSister!!) send you to get me?
SB: Ya
Mom: OK, tell her I'll be right down.
Beautiful Rabbit [holding a plunger]:  Bear, leave Mom alone.
Mom:  um....what's with the plunger?

note to Sexy Haqon:

Dear Sexy,

After careful consideration, it has been decided that diaper wipes will NO LONGER be kept on the back of the downstairs toilet.  Their close proximity is convenient for the occasional Strong Bear #2.  However, that same proximity has also been found to prompt the stickier members of our family to participate in shallow-water flow studies that may be incongruent with the mental and physical health of other members of said family.  With this in mind, please note the new location of said diaper wipes will be in the pantry until such time when we can mount them to the ceiling to protect them from unwanted usage.




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