Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Beautiful Rabbit thinks Finch looks like an angel - she just needs wings!  I thought Finch looked like a sorceress.  Really she's a ghost.  But she just needs a bit of flour to finish getting ready.  Delightful Finch was having sooo much fun throwing flour that it was hard to pull her away for trick-or-treating.

Dad:  OK, pick out 3 pieces of candy to eat tonight....
Mom: Eat as much candy as you want!

Who do you think they listened to?...hahahahaha
(Mom thinks if we just let them eat it, we'll only have to deal with candy this weenend instead of for months and months.)

We had TONS and TONS of kids come this year.  The costumes were great....and 1/3 of the adults were dressed up, too.  Darth Vadar  and Frankinstein scared Finch.  


jenfarmgirl said...

Oh, I'm glad you went through with the flour idea! What fun!

Amy said...

And it's the good flour, too! I would have bought Kroger brand or something for a buck. Really cute costumes, though!

Paige said...

Cute pictures.


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