Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Seraph at 1 liter Oxygen :)

Nurse (to Strong Bear): and how old are you?
Me: He's 3.
Nurse: Oh, are you 3?
Strong Bear: No, I'm 5!
When we play DDR, he always picks track 5. I think 5 must be his favorite number.
Bear and I visited Seraph tonight. She's off the high-flow oxygen. She's down to 1 liter of oxygen. The nurse told me that if she does well all night, they'll move her to the floor tomorrow. That means she *could* come home the day after tomorrow!!!!!


I told her that she's a good girl...and to keep working towards coming home. We sang to her and talked to her....and she just slept the whole time. That's OK, too.

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Safire said...

Yeah!! Please call us when she comes home so that Jeff can come and see her! :) (We promise to wash our hands a lot.)


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