Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Adventures of P&J: Episode 102

Strong Bear:  No, Finch, hold out your hand like this.
[Mommy enters the scene just in time to see Strong Bear dispense hand sanitizer to the carpet! Mommy scoops up the hand sanitizer....evoking tears from Delightful Finch]
Mom: you want some, Finch?
[Delightful Finch nods, eyes brimming with tears]
Mom:  OK.  Turn your hand over.  [It's so cute that my toddlers want to keep clean and sanitized to protect their baby twin sisters.] Turn it over. 
[Mom gives up and squirts the hand sanitizer on the back of Finch's hand.  Finch immediately licks the whole glob into her mouth.  62% alcohol...aiaiaiaiaiai!]


Amy said...

Not to raise a panic or anything, but keep an eye on Finch, and read this:

RainSplats said...

i know...and i thought i was being so careful with her...


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