Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh, here's my blog...

Sunday (7th) - The twins' twin cousins came to visit :)

Monday (8th) - The twins had their 2 month check-up. Angel weighs 9lbs 4oz. Seraph weighs 7lbs 15oz. They recieved their first 3 immunizations--one oral, 2 shots. The nurses each took a leg, counted to 3 and stabbed at the same time. Angel freaked! She couldn't believe anyone would do that to a cute baby such as herself. Seraph started screaming when she felt the alcohol wipe and stopped crying when the needle came out.

Tuesday (9th) - Seraph has a fever. Mom freaks. Mom is NOT letting them take her to the hospital again. Yay for Tylenol and Daddy's bath -- Seraph kicks that fever's butt and gets to stay home with her loving family :)

Wednesday (10th) - hmmm.....can't remember. Oh. Mom spends all day trying to get the computers working just right. Mom is grumpy. The kids are grumpy. Daddy comes home from work grumpy. grump grump grumpity grump grump grump!!

Thursday (11th) - Haqon and I send the happy kids to bed on time and stay up late playing War Hammer Online open beta with Guntaar. Wow. No, not WoW, but tons of fun! I love playing the RvR (PvP) and zone quests. It's fun to play with my hunny again :)

Friday (12th) - Delightful Finch runs down the hall yelling "Daddy, Daddy!" and jumps on him. Everyone is happy that it is the weekend :)

Seraph has a hard night when her oxygen cord is accidentally smashed by a chair for a whole hour. It takes her about 4 hours to recover.

While Mom is helping Seraph and Dad is helping Angel, Finch and Bear decide to pour $60 worth of baby food all over the floor/counter/sink. Weeeeeee - what fun!!! Daddy is NOT amused. Daddy cleans up the whole mess before Mommy even sees it -- what a sweetie :) xoxox

Saturday (13th) - Haqon puts on his Mr. Fix-it hat and fixes the windows. Mom and Dad and Rabbit play LOTS of Warhammer Online....until they bring down the servers. Open beta is over!! /sniff sniff. No more Warhammer until tuesday.

Sunday (14th) - The house is clean. That can only mean 2 things: running and dancing!! The kids dance and dance and dance to mostly these 3 songs: Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pocket Full of Sunshine, and Bleeding in Love.

Monday (15th) - Seraph has a 4 hour appointment at the Cardio Hospital. Good news - she passes all her tests. Doc talks about scheduling her next open heart surgery for November/December. Seraph is fussy towards the end, but calms down whenever Mom touches her. :) Seraph weighs 8lbs 12 oz.


Anonymous said...

Things are looking up! You've all done good. Babies are responding to all that love. Gma

Amy said...

Good to hear that Seraph has escaped having to go to the hospital again. Scary having her oxygen cut off for an hour! Glad it didn't hurt more than the 4 hours to get her back up. And fun for you to be able to play with your hunny! The boys have been wanting me to make a character on WoW, but I just really don't have the time. B'sides, I was awful at Tera--I became an addict. I should join Muds Anonymous.


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