Saturday, September 20, 2008


Who knew breathing could be so hard!

Seraph's been doing pretty well. She's not doing as well as before her last hospital stay, but she seems to be getting stronger each day. She spits up a lot :( I feed her on time and monitor her oxygen levels. She's supposed to be between 75%-85%. Now that I have a monitor, I can keep her in that range.

My goal with Seraph is to give her as much of a boost as I can before her next surgery. I think things are going well.

Angel has been, angel :) She's smiling more. She favors one side of her head over the other so we're trying to balance her out. She likes looking at lights/fans, and her mommy. She spills a ton of milk when she eats....and doesn't like it when I give her chin support to teach her how to not spill. Doc says she's OK spilling since she's gaining enough weight....but then she smells like milk all the time...ick!
We're watching a new bedtime cartoon - Avatar: The Last Airbender.  The kids love it!  They clean and behave and finish homework just so they can watch an episode (or two!).  At first it was weird watching a show in english, but now I'm used to not having subtitles. ...and sometimes I'm the one asking Haqon if we can please please please watch just one more ;)

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Amy said...

Kent and Trilea love that show! They've been trying to get us to watch it, but we, not having cable and satellite, are a little unable.


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