Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Strong Bear Makes Breakfast!

Strong Bear: Look, Mom, I made breakfast!

They were watching Star Wars, too. You can see the TV really well if you're laying on the counter! I guess the frozen waffles I'd toasted before going upstairs to check on Angel and Rabbit weren't enough. (Rabbit's tummy is feeling icky today.)

I'm glad he grabbed the mint chocolate-chip ice cream instead of the peach pie ice cream. (He's allergic to peaches.)

Thanks, Bear.

Also, Seraph is on 1/4 liter oxygen and they're moving her out of the PICU today.

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Malik and Melissa Marx Hamilton said...

I am glad to hear that my kids are the only ones who think sweets are perfectly normal for breakfast. Do you know the Bill Cosby bit "Dad is great; he feeds us chocolate cake"?

Glad to hear that your little one is almost home. 1/4L of O2 is nothing after all that she has been through. What a fighter! Good luck and God bless your family.


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